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Mugged by The Suits

Mugged by The Suits

One from the archives. It’s 14 years now since we wrote a post entitled ‘Case study carnage’ about what happens when business case studies get mugged by The Suits, i.e. transformed into gibberish by jargon-obsessed managers. There’s less of this stuff around now, but still, happily, enough to keep us in work. It’s worth getting case studies right because at their best, they are the perfect way of bring abstract B2B sales propositions to life.

Here are the two examples we wrote back in 2002:

Example 1 — case study mugged by The Suits

Solutioneering team delivers value-intensive IntiMate implementation

“As a customer-centric organisation, naturally we want to deliver satisfaction at every customer touchpoint” explained MegaCorp COO Lee Everage. “IntiMate technology has fully enabled us to drive value into our customers’ businesses.”

Megacorp wanted to find ways to improve their best-of-breed customer services capability to something that their COO Everage described as “better-of-breed”. So they chose the latest release of IntiMate from Kloser Technologies to deliver on this vision.

“Our vision is to help our customers to release value throughout their workflow” said Kloser CTO Val Chane. “So MegaCorp is a great partner for us”.

A team of consultants from Kloser’s ‘Solutioneering’ division conducted an extensive ‘customer touchpoint audit’ of MegaCorp’s value chain. They then built a customised turnkey solution based on IntiMate’s ‘TouchMe’ architecture. Value was delivered immediately. Said Everage “Since we installed IntiMate, we have experienced significantly higher levels of customer proximity. We are truly getting Kloser”.

Example 2 — case study escapes intact

IntiMate helps Megacorp to increase customer loyalty

“We know that information from every customer contact — phone calls, visits, emails — can be used to help us improve our service” said MegaCorp CEO Frank Storey. “But collating and analysing it is very difficult. IntiMate helped us to do this and we are already seeing results”.

MegaCorp installed Kloser Technologies’ IntiMate package to capture, analyse and interpret information from many sources: customer databases, salesforce automation packages and email records. With its award-winning TouchMe architecture, IntiMate was able to help MegaCorp prioritise its activities so that its support operation’s activities were focused on customers most in need of attention.

“IntiMate has helped us enormously”, said Storey. “First, it means that our staff time is better allocated. Second, our biggest customers tell us they are getting a better service. Third and most importantly, we’re seeing an increase in customer loyalty from our smallest to our biggest accounts. This has been a good investment for us.”

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